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Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from my collection

This scarab (steatite 1.7 cm) was purchased from It depicts a cartouche of Thutmosis III (throne name: Men-Kheper-Re). The inscription reads: Neter Nefer, Neb Taui, Men-Kheper-Re, Pet Pet Chasut Taui (see translation). Note the parallels from Tell el Farah in Israel. They were found in a grave with a Ramses II scarab, therefore they are defenitely from the Ramessid period.
Translation: Most royal scarabs simply depict general symbols like feather (Maat), neb (lord), nefer (perfect), etc. This scarab depicts a detailed propaganda message: Neter Nefer, Neb Taui, Men-Kheper-Re, Pet Pet Chasut Taui "perfect god, lord of the two lands, Men-Kheper-Re, subduing all foreign hill- and low-countries" a reference to his victories in Canaan.
Thutmosis III.JPG
This cowroid (steatite 1.0 cm) shows the cartouche of Thutmosis III: "Men Kheper Re", the throne name of this king. The name is flanked by an inscription: Neb Nefer: perfect ruler. Additional two feathers of the goddess Maat with protective Uraei-snakes are shown. Maat is the goddess of order and justice. The translation of the message would be: King Thutmosis, perfect ruler, defender of Maat. References: Petrie 1917, Pl. XXXIX, 9 Cowroid with the name of Sethos I
a scarab (steatite 1.4 cm) from Israel showing the god Amun. Below a horned adder (Gardiner I9) is shown representing the word "father" - therefore the message is: Amun is the father
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