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A fake offered by domitia.domitia on Ebay. Sold for USD 413,- on June 23rd 2011. It's accompanied by a faked note of Prof. Lambert, University of Birmingham, see picture. The seal was copied from a published seal in D. Collon, First Impressions, see picture.
A fake offered by roman.coins on Ebay. Sold July 8th 2011 for USD 439,-. It's copied directly from a Neo Assyrian seal in D. Collon First Impressions, see picture. Most of the faked Lambert notes describe the seals as "West Iranian"
roman (1).coins_fake.JPG
offered by roman.coins on Ebay, again with a faked Lambert note. The seal was copied from Collon No. 418 see picture. Sold October 25th 2011 for USD 530,-
more fakes from roman.coins and domitia.domitia on Ebay, a) sold June 30th 2011 for USD 401,- d) sold November 5th 2011 for USD 141,-