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Royal Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from international collections in chronological order

This cartouche depicts a royal name of the Middle Kingdom: King Amenemhet II, 12th Dyn. "Nub Ka Ra", Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XIII, 12.3, 6 (ex Hixenbaugh Ancient Art)
The inscription of this scarab refers to the same king: Nesut Bjt Nub Ka Ra: "Amenemhet, king of upper and lower Egypt". The shape of the scarab (V notches on the back) is clearly New Kingdom. It was made hundreds of years after the reign of this king. Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XIII, 12.3, 2,3 (Ex Artemission)
This scarab depicts the name Sobekhetep III a Hyksos king of the 13th Dyn., Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XIX, 13.23, 10-18 (ex Hixenbaugh Ancient Art)
This scarab depicts the throne name of the Hyksos king Sheshi, "Neter Nefer Maotabra Ankh Da" (The good god Maotabra given life) This king is usually described as the founder of the 15th Dyn., Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XXI, Dyn. XVIb, 3-8 (ex Collector Antiquities)
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