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O. Sprenger



Dr. Sylvia Winkelmann is a German archaeologist  for Near Eastern and Central Asian art with many publications in this subject. She took part in several excavation campaigns in the Mid East. Her web-page is still under construction. See a brief biography in German :




Bron is a very experienced collector and dealer from London . I purchased several pieces from him. You won't find a fake in his gallery.

He also has a great forum on his web site (See Seals and Scarabs of the ANE and Egypt)


Phil is an experienced collector and dealer of coins and small antiquities in the United States. He is an excellent expert on seals.

Robert Deutsch

Robert Deutsch is an archaeologist and epigraphist from Jaffa, Israel with many publications in these subjects. He is an expert in all kinds of ancient Near Eastern art.

Sassanian Seals

An interesting website on Sassanian seals

Phil Stewart

Phil has a collection of seals and scarabs including a rare Middle Kingdom private name scarab.


The Fakebusters

You will find examples of authentic and faked scarabs on this webpage:


Educational resources on the ancient Mediterranean world

a very helpful site on collecting antiquities: