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more fakes offered by roman.coins on Ebay, all with faked Lambert notes. a) sold August 18th 2011 for USD 405,- b) sold August 22th for USD 333,-
and one more, sold on Ebay January 4th 2012 for USD 175,-
FakeRomancoins1 (1).JPG
four more silly fakes, offered by roman.coins on Ebay. a) sold for USD 403,- on Sept. 29th 2010. b) sold for USD 107,-on Oct. 2nd 2010 c) sold for USD 457,- on Oct. 7th 2010 d) sold for USD 493,- on Oct. 11th 2010.
Fakes sold by domitia.domitia on Ebay: a) sold for USD 401,- on October 1st 2010 b) sold for USD 143,- on October 30th. 2010 c) sold for USD 91,- on November 5th 2010.
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