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Royal Scarabs, Scaraboids and Plaques from international collections in chronological order

Scarab with the cartouche of Amenophis II, 18th Dyn. "Ra Oa Kheperu, Mer Amun", Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XXX, 18.7, 10 (ex Archaeological Center, Jaffa)
A steatite plaque depicting the name of Thutmosis IV: "Men Kheperu Re", Note the king wearing the war crown and Re-Harachte on the reverse. (ex Trionfo)
Scarab with throne name of Amenophis III, 18th Dyn. "Neb Maat Re", Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XXXIV, 75-82
Scarab with throne name of Amenophis III 18th Dyn. "Neb Maat Re, Neter Nefer, Neb Taui, Kho Neferui"( Amenhotep, Good God, Lord of both lands, appearing very excellently) Reference: Petrie 1917, Pl. XXXIII, 54 (ex Aton Gallery)
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